Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Dill: Began sprouting where it left off last fall. Planted new seeds, their offspring getting all furry. The lost dill that JinJing gave up on is resurrected. We discovered the poor green thing struggling on Easter (Orthodox Easter). JinJing removed the thing to his little theatre and has injected fertilizers into it.

Parsley: Going quite mad. Has expanded beyond its pot faster than I can eat it. Invited my neighbour Ruthy to garnish with it. The parsley stalks I already picked at thickened and stand up like soldiers.

Morning Glory: Still just bare sprouts.

Strawberry: Not a hint of blossom or berry. Leaves very profuse.

Basil: It took only two days for three sprouts to appear. Grow, grow, my little topiary wonder!

Mints: All four containers profuse. The shady side mint has worms swivelling in its leaves.

Shiso: The four sprouts in each corner of mint pot #1 developing. Bug problem with shiso in the northwest corner.

Chervil: Dead.

Decorative Cabbage: Dead.

Christmas Tree: Still slanting away from the sun. Roots surrounded by weeds.

Blackberry: Dead.

Raspberry: Flowered and getting leafy.

Lemon Balm: After a close call involving a drought and mysterious red beings, I pruned off the dead leaves, overwatered it, sprayed it with pesticide, and moved it to a more shady spot. It recovered. My herb book said lemon balm flourishes in poor soil, but I won't try that experiment again. It smells pleasantly of dish washing detergent.

Aloe Vera: Edges are pinking up.

Unidentified Houseplant: Hovering between life and death.

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