Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Mr. Kuribara (JJ's former baseball coach) said I bow perfectly.
Mrs. Nomoto asked me to write a letter to a former student:

Dear Yuta,

Do you remember me? Mrs. Nomoto asked me to write to you.

I can't believe you have so many students in your class. But it must be good, for a guy, that there are so many girls in your class. Is all of your school 3/4 girls? I thought it was a boys' school because it seemed that only my male students wanted to go there. Do you know any of my students from OJHS? I can only remember one boy who is also going to your school: Takuya O. Do you know him? If you do, tell him to practice his English more. I was shocked at how bad at English he's become. He used to be one of the best students.

I liked your description of rugby players, that they look like turtles. I'll have to remember that. Have you ever read Alive by Piers Paul Read? There's also a movie of the same name but I don't know what it's called in Japanese. It's about a group of rugby players from Uruguay. They become cannibals. (After their plane crashes in the Andes.) It's one of my favourite books. At the beginning, the teachers teach the boys rugby because "soccer is the sport for the primadonna." Rugby needs teamwork.

Take care!

Yours truly,

P.S. What other MJHS students go to Fuduoka? Is that the correct spelling of your high school?

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