Friday, August 23, 2002

Phew! Finished both books!

I only managed to get two other Tintin comics I haven't read. Another girl was curled up beside the Tintin section with a copy, but I peeked at what she was reading. It was the Blue Lotus. Already read it last week. I also made a list of language tapes I wanted to borrow and I found them all, Romanian, German, Italian, French, Ojibwe, Coast Salish, Swedish, Russian and Cantonese, but, just before taking my catch to the check-out counter, I came across a sign saying that there were restrictions on language tapes. So I returned all the treasures back to the shelf. I'll study them next year, I suppose.

Aside from these minor disappointments, I couldn't enjoy my last day at the Central Library because I was in shock from, first, my airfare back to Japan (suddenly very expensive despite its being a low season ticket), and, second, because I had my meningococcal and yellow fever vaccines. The vaccine lady said the yellow fever would sting. Whoa! Did it ever sting!

I asked the vaccine lady, "Why does a live vaccine pinch like that?"

"Because it's a live vaccine," she answered.

"But why do live vaccines sting?"

"Live vaccines sting because they are live."

"But how is it that one stings but the other is painless?"

"Look, I can't tell you the exact scientific reason!"

Was it an unreasonable question? Isn't it as fascinating as I thought it was? The vaccine lady's irritability prevented me from complimenting her painlessly executed injections.


The Oak arrived at the Central Library checkout yesterday and I am the first person to watch it! At the 1994 Vancouver Film Festival, mom and dad and the rest of the adult Romanians dashed off to the movies, leaving poor Maktaaq to answer phones and make the pizzas.

When the adults returned, I asked them if they liked the movie.

"Tremendously!" they said.

"Then I want to see it too," I replied.

"You shouldn't - it's got rough language, much too coarse for your young ears."

Well, I'll be the judge of what's coarse and what's not now.

I found some good books at the Robson Chapters but I will wait until I clear all the other bills before buying those two George Eliot biographies and that third book, whatever it was.

P.S. Here's a good, cheapish book I found on the Chapters website: Honeymoon in Purdah: An Iranian Journey. Sounds good and cheap!

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