Monday, August 05, 2002

Regarding Jack the Ripper: was he really the artist Walter Sickert? What about Otto Dix, was he the German soldier nun-rapist because he painted this scene? Do you remember in Blackadder Goes Forth, when George paints Blackadder standing over the body of a ravished nun? But wait, Dix also painted Sex-Murder in 1922 and presented it to his wife for her birthday. Ah ha! But he was born in 1891 & the Whitechapel Murders were in 1888. Dang! Another cold trail.

Was Georg Grosz Jack the Ripper because he portrayed himself as Jack (click here for a miniscule image of the photo)? After all, he was discharged from the army because he was considered insane. Too bad he was only born in 1893.

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