Thursday, August 29, 2002

Some good news from Japan, at last.

First, victims of stalking can now pre-register with police. Tokyo's Metropolitan police can dispatch the closest patrol car to the victim's aid after making the call.

The second piece of good news is that elementary and junior high schools will finally be getting air-conditioning in the summer. The plan will take ten years to equip some 30,000 schools.

The last piece of news, rather bittersweet, is that the Tokyo District Court has finally recognized that Unit 731 was indeed conducting biological warfare. Unfortunately, the Chinese victims will not receive compensation.

On another note, here is the latest weird Engrish. I wonder where you can buy the "Miss Urine Tester Pageant" t-shirt or the "I hate my life Everyday I polish my revolver and shoot my head like a rock star" t-shirt. Or where is the Pumpkin Poo bakery? I also got my wonderful fax reconfirmation from Addis Ababa's Ibex Hotel: "We shall await your arrival at the Airport Exit gate carrying a plague with your name on it." How nice.

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