Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Visited two libraries (Port Moody and the Burnaby Cameron branch) and two bookstores this week. I found Joyce�s Dubliners for 50 cents at the Port Moody Library. Sadly, however, I have issued a moratorium on book-buying after lugging yesterday�s load home. At the Robson Chapters I got cheap deals on two George Eliot biographies (one by Rosemary Ashton and the other by Frederick R. Carl), three of her books (Mill on the Floss, Middlemarch, and Felix Holt), an Irish cooking book by Darina Allen, and The Ark and the Covenant, which will be a great companion during my trip to Ethiopia next week.

I also went to the Book Warehouse on Granville again, and saw biographies of Walt Whitman, Edith Wharton and Marcel Proust. The heavy set of George Eliot works and what-not tugged my hand and reminded me that I bought too many books already on this trip. I�m sure Walt Whitman will be around the next time I visit.

When I came home, I weighed my recent purchases: 20 kg exactly. The maximum I can send through Canada Post.

Spent the day reading Tintin comics. Watched the 1983 Jackie Chan movie Project A. Hmm, naked Yuen Biao. Gotta write to the Girl's Guide to Hong Kong movies and tell them that he isn't exactly an "iron virgin."

Back to the Tintin. Only two more books to go.

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