Friday, November 15, 2002

As we all know, the Japanese supposedly have a longer digestive tract. I don�t believe it. But that may be why they�re skinnier. A digestive system needs a lot of energy, so I�m sure they burn off calories that way. Also, now that I am sitting on chairs again, I think my digestive system is not so crushed so it functions better. Maybe the Japanese evolved into having longer intestines so the food can be digested more effectively through the cramped space.

Beth said that miniskirts went out of style in the 90s. Miniskirts, here in Romania, are never out of fashion. In fact young ladies are expected to wear them. Beth also asked why people don�t go to movie theatres so often here. It is too expensive: $1 US out of a minimum wage monthly salary of about $75 US a month. And many things cost the same price as the rest of Europe (in other words, expensive).

Now for today�s hotel gossip. Rares has stopped wearing his hat now that we admired his hair. Cosmin is worried about the impression you�re getting of him, and Mihaela is a robbery suspect here (Rodica and Anisoara were unjustly blamed then exonerated � correct usage of that word?). As for the fascinating Mr. Pista (he looks like a rogueish young Ralph Fiennes), he ate six eggs for breakfast. Usually, he told me, he eats eight eggs and ten sausages. Domnul Nelu�s wife came as a surprise, all the way from Bucuresti. She has black hair in a tall bouffant hairstyle.

Yesterday we had an exhibition in the restaurant. Cosmin, Mihaela, Domnul Nelu, and Stelica appeared on tonight�s news. Then we went to a folk music concert � a police officer and his bumblebee-aproned wife stole the show with their singing, jokes, and drum-guitar-fiddle band.

Good night from the frozen barrens of Transylvania.

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