Saturday, November 16, 2002

My day is coming to an end. Cosmin woke me up. Prepared me French toast and a cup of tea. Went to the radio station but not so into it because Mihai just wanted to play slow songs. I wanted something like Prodigy's Firestarter to wake me up but he said it was too much this early in the morning. I said that's how I get up in the mornings. But he did let me play a Linkin Park song, but not the one I prefered. He wanted me to read the porno headlines off the Freedom newspaper. I just read the regular news items. He kept asking me, "Isn't there any other news?" "No," I replied, "That's all." Then he had me read the recipe of the day for all the young ladies and housewives in the audience. I asked, on air, "But what about the men?" He admitted that maybe some men might be interested.

Then Mihai wanted to take me siteseeing - ugh! Luckily one of his girlfriends saved me from boredom. She offered to have a drink with him so I got off from keeping him company.

Napped. Met Vladuti, the devil kid, downstairs. He was almost sweet though he teetered towards evil a couple of times.

Went to Nina's. Just in time, she was about to head out. The big Florin told her I went to Bucuresti with Monica and Cristi. Ate four of her dill & cheese crepes and tried to stuff a cherry crepe into my mouth. Watched the Euro MTV Awards with Diana. Made fun of Eminem.

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