Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Went to see "Turnul din Pisa" (The Tower of Pisa) with my godsister Monica. It started off with a rape. So much for all the posters making it look like a heart-warming musical replete with farm animals. At Romanian weddings the bride is "stolen" and her new godparents must pay a handy sum to get her back. The movie bride was stolen, something I never quite understood happened to her kidnappers, then she was raped on top of a musical instrument by Santa-masked intruders. She killed the third rapist and was sentenced to ten years in prison because, when she pulls the Santa mask off, he is an old boyfriend and the court decides she was not raped after all. Her new husband doesn't believe in her innocence either. After ten years, just as she is getting ready to leave prison, her husband comes to see her and she returns his ring. Then some mumbo-jumbo with jugglers and a midget. Even Monica says she didn't get it by this time. Finally the nice but weird-looking twitchy old man she meets turns out to be the first rapist and his ruthless slave-boy is the second rapist. It ends with her wandering happily through an amusement park. And with all the guns on the table, when the first rapist was choking, we thought she would grab one and kill him. But 'twasn't such a satisfying ending.

There were maybe eight otehr people watching this movie with us. It isn't the price that keeps people away. Three years ago, a thirteen-year-old girl was raped in that cinema. Now everyone is too frightened to go there. That kind of put a damper on my going to see a Stuart Little 2 matinee by myself.

Pista thinks I play too much with the hotel dogs. He announced last night that he wants to have a baby with me. We'll have a blue-eyed baby, he says. Mom asked him if he was planning to whisk me off to Hungary. He said no, he is Romanian.

Just this afternoon he scribbled over the little balck-and-brown puppy and over poor Laurica. Says he couldn't catch the other pups.

As for Cosmin, he started my Romanian slang dictionary last night. Romanian swears looks even more crude on paper.

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