Saturday, April 19, 2003


Above is the amount I won tonight at the casino. Then I bought a cup of green tea with my earnings and sat down to read about an article about a crack prostitute - I found this anthology of American literary journalists, with articles about the "common man." Today also read articles about AIDs among truckers in Africa (I hitched a ride with a truck driver in Ethiopia, so it was doubly interesting) and about a a ten-year old boy.

Went fishing. Well, I read in the grand splendour of the Pitt Meadows. Befriended a golden retriever.

In the parking lot of the supermarket where we bought corn-bait for the fish, we met a lovely, smooth Alaskan Malamute-German Shepherd cross and his owner. "He's eleven years old," the owner said, "That's 77 in human years, the same age as me." She and her dog were stopping en route from the hospital, where they volunteered. The owner herself repeated many times, "Isn't she a beautiful dog?" The dog understands, too, that people in wheelchairs are limited in their movements and he automatically leans in to be petted.

The owner cried on her fortieth birthday. Now, however, she laughs at her forty-year-old self.

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