Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Abdul said: "Trust my white underpants, boys. Follow me." Then, "Boys, we cannot go on this way. We are too tired, too hungry. Either a car gets us to Iraq, or I take off my white underpants and we surrender."

Then he took off his trousers, took off his underpants. He put on the trousers again, he secured the underpants to a stick, he made a white flag. He waved it, he screamed: "Don't shoot, don't shoot, we surrender!" And, while he was waving it, none of us noticed that it did not look like a white flag. That the never-washed white underpants had become very dirty and were no longer white. They were black. So the flag he was waving was not a white flag. It was a black flag. And they shot. They pierced me this way, and they killed Abdul.

The readers who commented on this story didn't seem to get it, though. But, then, the readership of the Wall Street Journal is rather conservative. In answer to another article, reader Howard Mirkin, who lives in Asia, wrote "Now that's it's just about over and the Muslims clerics are making noise, I hope someone reminds them of the consequences--remember what happened to the Taliban and Saddam Hussein. But then they never seem to learn." Seems like some other people never learn.

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