Wednesday, April 23, 2003

I'm not sure when this article was printed, it seems a few days, if not weeks, out of date. However I include it here as it starts off with an analogy between the Iraqi Invasion and Moby Dick. Unfortunately Jason Epstein does not carry it throughout, ending without a single mention of the White Whale or Ahab in relation to current events. But it does bring up some interesting tidbits, that Freud, Thomas Mann and Max Weber first supported the war. Epstein also makes this memorable sentence, "But on the whole the war was welcomed as wars usually are for the adrenaline they release and the apparent clarity of purpose with which they muffle the complexities of everyday life." My italics; I think this is particularly relevant. "The apparent clarity of purpose": the reduction of countries to one-word descriptions, "good" or "evil," that smother out criticisms of the Bush administration's handling of the economy and its racist and homophobic agendas, in an all too-complex everyday.

Here's another imaginative analogy: "For the White House in its imperial mode to have let the [UN] inspectors continue [weapons inspections] would be as if Ahab had wanted not to kill Moby-Dick but merely to tranquilize him and donate him to an aquarium."

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