Saturday, April 12, 2003

Over and over I can't believe how Americans allowed and are allowing themselves to be deceived. There are quite a lot of morons in the U.S., just as there are anywhere else, but there are quite a few smartypants. Does the American smartypants segment of the population amount to a mere 30%? It's so obvious even Mr. Kamikaze (an Archie Bunker-type, who caused a lot of gasping when he ribbed a Japanese friend and asked him if he knew of any suicide pilots) got it. It seems like a lot of people are just high on their victories. Victories which, oh yeah, were so surprising. So now a majority of Americans claim they'll support the war even if Saddam's cache of illegal weapons don't exist.

I like this Star Wars analogy: Once Bush had chosen the site, there was virtually nothing the Iraqi government could do to avoid war, short of total capitulation. As a demonstration of both America�s military might and his own itchy trigger finger, Bush had decided to make Iraq his Alderaan, the hapless planet in the original Star Wars movie that was picked to show off the power of the Death Star.

�Fear will keep the local systems in line, fear of this battle station,� explained Death Star commander Tarkin in the movie. �No star system will dare oppose the emperor now.�

Continue reading here. I guess this will fill one more volume of The People's History of the United States.

Oh and the article brings up Caligula too. "Kiesling also grasped the shift to empire � away from republic � that is underpinning Bush's policies. The career diplomat asked, 'Has oderint dum metuant really become our motto?' citing a favorite saying of the mad Roman emperor Caligula, which means 'Let them hate so long as they fear.' "

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