Sunday, April 06, 2003

Still looking at cooking terms (what if I don't have the buttermilk required to make the cr�me fra�che?) when I found Aunt Edna's Kitchen with substitutions for common ingredients. So to make the buttermilk that I'll need to make the cr�me fra�che, I'll mix vinegar and sweet milk (whatever that is) or a little plain yoghurt and that sweet milk stuff. I have a suspicion that sweet milk might just be the regular milk I have in my fridge. If sweet milk is whole milk, then I'm in trouble. I think that milk in my fridge is definitely not whole. And I don't have any reconstituted dry milk or evaporated milk lying around. Well, we'll make do.

Also according to the Epicurious page below I should save my shiitake mushroom water for soups. I guess I'll just freeze it until then. Reminds me of when I met up with some Romanian musicians in a Viennese park and they invited me to their house for dinner and spoke of nothing but the wonders of mushroom juice. They took me to their apartment's pantry and showed me shelves of bubbling jars stuffed with mushrooms. It tasted like leftover mushroom-bathing water.

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