Saturday, April 12, 2003

When I was in high school, one of my art teachers failed my essay regarding the location of art. I argued that a country's art belongs in that country and to its citizens, not to snooty art patrons in richer countries. My art teacher said all countries must share. Were that the case, would the US be willing to share their Pollacks and Rothkos with Sierra Leone or the Philippines? Reminds me a little of the Mr. Bean movie when the Los Angeles gallery people were so excited about getting their "Whistler's Mother" back. (I always thought Whistler preferred his European home to his native land.) News on art looting in Iraq. There is plenty else to read, here and here.

The only consolation is to think about Nazi-looted art. Years after Hitler's fall museums and historians are vigilant about returning every piece to its rightful owner. Maybe one day history will again repeat itself?

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