Sunday, May 25, 2003

After our art session (Marlene drew portraits and I drew octopi), we went to see the 3D IMAX movie Bugs. Judi Dench narrated - what a perfect, seductive voice for mantid mating! The audience gasped when Papillo became Herodulla's lunch. I myself thought about eating flies, as Herodulla chomped on one, white shiny innards shining in a black exoskeleton.

The seven-year-old beside me would not shut up. "Now it's gonna turn into a butterfly!" "Did you know that that's a ladybug?" "It's a cocoon!" I almost snapped, "Look kid, I've lived four times as long as you and I damn well know what a butterfly is!" Glancing to the side, I noticed the kid was a little girl, so I forgave her somewhat...after all we must encourage little girls to pursue science careers.

The 3D glasses left dents on our faces. The Inuit comic art show had closed at 4 PM. Dang it! Oh, well, it's around for another two weeks.

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