Monday, May 19, 2003

In Bernard Lefkowitz's Our Guys, the victim is asked about bleeding and she answers there wasn't any. In Margaret's hymen survey no one experienced bleeding. Is it a myth? Another Margaret fact, on Chinese wedding nights a white hankerchief was placed on the bed and displayed immediately after. An aunt told me how the villagers came to view her bedsheets the following morning and a spiteful in-law tried to prove it was fake blood by rubbing a lemon in it. Once, stuck in a cab in Manila traffic, the driver told me about his stint working in Saudi Arabia - the bride's in-laws display the bedsheets outside their homes.

(This rather desperate driver, whose wife had passed away two years earlier, explained how Filipino truck drivers can work their way out of Saudi contracts. If they miss their homeland enough, they can circumvent travel restrictions by going through the physical injury loophole. Just pump a little too much air in the truck's tires and, on the hot Saudi ashphalt, the tires will explode. The driver usually suffers a mild injury, for which he has leave to return home to recuperate.)

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