Thursday, May 29, 2003

My top twenty favourite English words
1. Barnacle
2. Swindle
3. Spleen
4. Gingerbread
5. Wench
6. Squid
7. Nuzzle-tripe (Smallest and weakest of a brood. A misbehaving child.)
8. Conkerbell (also conkerbill, (a) Icicle; (b) something hanging down from an object, as mucus from the nose, balls of dung in animal fur.)
9. Gallinipper (also garnipper, a large biting mosquito)
10. Snarbuckle ((a) A tightly tied knot; (b) a tangled or twisted rope; burnt or charred remnant (of food): The potatoes are roasted to a snarbuckle; when I went to take it off the stove, it was burned to a snarbuckle.)
11. Fetching
12. Menacing
13. Cattery
14. Qunfidha
15. Teakettle
16. Dilly-dallying
17. Nocturnal
18. Languid
19. Vile
20. Reckon

My top ten favourite Japanese words
1. Tachi (plurals suffix)
2. Namekuji (slug)
3. Kinoko (mushroom)
4. Gutsu-gutsu (the bubbling of a boiling kettle of water)
5. Pera-pera (fluent)
6. Gokiburi (cockroach)
7. Unchi (poo-poo)
8. Unko (excrement, sounds like a girl�s name)
9. Katatsumuri (snail)
10. Komori (bat, the flying mammal)

nuzzle tripe and conker bell both appear in poems by Mary Dalton. The collection is entitled Merrybegot.

I'm curious if you've read it.
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