Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Read Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron last night. Margaret was right, it is by Daniel Clowes, the guy who did Ghost World.

I was not completely impressed with it at first, but then - the man with crustaceans in his eye sockets!!! That appeared in my dream ten years ago. In my dream the headless woman from the Calgary Stampede's freakshow lost not her head but her eyes, both popped out in the car crash. In my dream her car crashed onto the shore. She groped for her eyeballs on the rocks, but picked up instead two geoducks and inserted them in her empty sockets. Years later, when I met her in my dream, she was panicking; the geoducks thrived in her eye sockets and grew to enormous sizes. The pressure the now-large geoducks were exerting on her skull threatened to split open her head. I was part of a medical team that would separate woman and geoducks.

(The real decapitated woman at the Calgary Stampede just wore a black velvet bag over her head against a balck background. She had clamps on her neck. My cousin yelled that she wasn't really headless, and the woman left the room.)

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