Monday, May 19, 2003

Went out for a beer with Marlene and Margaret (the Margaret of the Margaret's Revenge Company). Maragaret recommended Emmanuele Bernheim's Sa femme and Nicholson Baker's Vox. Margaret is fascinated by mistresses and plans to read the new mistress book.

Hauntings, of course, came up again. The first time I met Margaret, she and Marlene had just returned from an ghost-hunitng expedition to Hotel Vancouver. Margaret told us about how she was caught out one night in a park and decided to save whoever was trapped in an outhouse. As she reached the outhouse door, it flew open and no one was inside.

She also explained the significance of the basins of water at Chinese feasts for the dead. Up until that moment the recently dead do not realize that they are dead, so their relatives leave them an offering of some finger foods, after which the dead person washes their hands. At this point their fingernails fall off and the dead person realizes he or she is dead. The dead seem to realize immediately what steps they must, as the newly deceased, take in order to make their stay in the afterlife a pleasant one.

Margaret also told us about a new option for the after-death crowd: turning yourself into a blue diamond.

I told them about the Slam Bang Lodge. Margaret guessed it was a gentlemen's club, though she was quick to point out that you could hardly call someone who frequented the place a "gentleman." Looking at their website, I was disappointed to learn that the name stands for the first names of founder Al Lavigne's children, Steve, Leo, and Anna, and for his wife's first name Marion. But the lodge does sound kind of enticing. "Slam Bang Lodge is built on a raft made from 31 huge spruce logs that Al gathered from the nearby forest. The lodge houses eight guests in four small suites, and has a lounge area and sauna for apres-fishing relaxation. Stargazing and otter-watching are popular after-dinner activities at the lodge. Hordes of playful sea otters live in the surrounding waters, and at sun- down they raft in large flotillas. As darkness falls, the northern sky puts on a light show guaranteed to make anyone feel small." Seems like fishing season is just starting in Kyuquot, but looks like Marlene, Margaret and I will pass - it's over a thousand dollars.

We stood outside looking at the freestyle stitching book and the Japanese horror film stills book (which Margaret borrowed). I promised to get Margaret the information regarding how much exactly the value of a human would be, if we were just reduced to our molecules, as well as the article by the anthropologist explaining Hamlet to African tribespeople, both useful for her philosophy class.

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