Tuesday, June 17, 2003

From Today in Literature:

"Tales Told of Shem and Shaun," being various fragments from
James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake" (at this point, "Work in
Progress"); this deluxe limited edition was published on this day
in 1929 by Harry and Caresse Crosby's Black Sun Press:

Shem was a sham and a low sham and his lowness creeped out
first via foodstuffs. So low was he that he preferred
Gibsen's teatime salmon tinned, as inexpensive as
pleasing, to the plumpest roeheavy lax or the friskiest
parr or smolt troutlet that ever was gaffed between
Leixlip and Island Bridge and many was the time he
repeated in his botulism that no junglegrown pineapple
ever smacked like the whoppers you shook out of Ananias'
cans, Findlater and Gladstone's, Corner House, Englend....

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