Saturday, June 28, 2003

I am tkaing another Which Greek Goddess Are You? quiz, but I am stumped with the question "If you were an animal (or bird) what would you be?" The possible answers are:

Owl or snake.
Anything. I love them all.
Deer or hawk.
Dove or goat.
Peacock or cow.
Calf or phoenix.

I think owls are cool but snakes only slither. I would like to walk and fly. So can't be the Athena type. I think hawks are great but deer, that's a little too victimy. Goat is cool, unless I was an Ethiopian goat. The peacock is a showy bastard, but I can't answer that because I would also give myself up to hamburgerhood. Likewise for calf. Well, snakes can be vicious, so I will pick snake/owl after all.

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