Saturday, June 28, 2003

I did this Which Goddess Are You? quiz twice because it was wrong (I was over 45% Aphrodite, when I thought I should be more Athena). Strangely I answered the same questions the exact same way but now my results are:

33.3% Aphrodite
33.3% Athena
16.7% Artemis
8.3% Hera
8.3% Hestia
0% Persephone
0% Demeter

So I am one third Aphrodite, one third Athena and the last third is a rather domestic mix. Well, at least I am not a wimp like Persephone.

One thing about this site, they've got things like "4 Exercises to Find Your Inner Hera." Now who in their right minds want to be raped by and married to their brother and then turn a blind eye to his philandering in swan, bovine, aqueous and nebulous manifestation?

It's interesting how all these "women's things" have you writing down what you want or how you feel, then advise you to burn your writing. There are some cultures in the world that consider the destruction of paper and the written word as sacrilege and require their priestly class to preside over its dignified destruction.

Heck, I have my own list (top five things I will do when I have money), but a magnet binds it to my fridge. I know what I want and I want to be reminded of what I want every time I eat. Dammit!

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