Thursday, June 12, 2003

Karen writes:

"My two wild Fragaria vesca strawberries from Ontario finally arrived! They were half buried in the soil, poor things, but I took them out and cleaned them. To my delight, one of them already had a few strawberries on it! But they are TINY!!! I quickly transplanted them into a terracotta strawberry pot I got on sale, & now they are perking up. They are soooo small, no wonder they don't sell them in supermarkets! Some black aphids started attacking my other Fragaria vesca, which is a variety called "Yellow Wonder" I got at Canadian Tire. I zapped them with some soap & picked off the rest of the bugs by hand. That plant also has some fruit, but I'm told they will stay a yellow color -- but they're supposed to be tasty.

One disappointment this week, I found out why my tomatillo isn't bearing any fruit. Apparently they are self-sterile, the darned things, which means you need two plants to get any fruit out of them!! I knew I should have grown two. Now I'll have to wait until your Tomatillo grows up, maybe it can rescue mine! I did plant some more seeds, but will have to wait."

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