Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Kate, a coworker, grows jade plants. Cute little things. But inedible.

On the Plants Database (where you can post your own plants' photos, kinda like the proud parents of puppies) someone wrote:

"The plant have a mild toxic substance although in South Africa it is used by the natives as a vermifuge, for epileptic seizures, for cuts and sore, for warts and corns. For cuts and sores the leaves have to be cut in half and put on the sore and put a plaster over it. Redress morning and afternoon. It help for the pain as well. Like a local anaesthetic. Sores heals more rapidly with a leave from the C. ovata."

How dare they? They say that shiso (or, perilla) is poisonous! Is it true? I have been ingesting this stuff like the dickens. Humph! And someone's complaining that they are invasive. I say, let their shiso come to my garden...and try to keep up with my appetite.

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