Friday, June 27, 2003

The lawnmower shaved off the secret wisp of lemon balm! What shall I give Karen now? The lawnmower also overturned my pots - my Corsican mint, my shiso and my tomatillo sprouts are also all gone. Good heavens, my poor plants.

I pruned the lamb's ears. All that remains are two stalks, devoid of all leaves.

Horrid earth-roaches hiding under the pots.

A black-and-white cat watched me while I cleaned. A raccoon managed to open the garbage can (no matter how wily I get in locking the thing!) and scattered the petrified gumdrop cake over the patio. I swept away the crumbs. It was then I saw Cat and Cat meowed at me. I approached but Cat ran under the maple tree. Hidden among the branches it continued watching me. I left a tin of milk among the sage plants. Later I saw Cat lapping the milk. I like this Cat. A thinker. A philosophical cat, I can tell.

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