Sunday, June 08, 2003

The lemon-growing contest has begun! Karen and I both planted our lemon seeds on Friday night. Karen, of course, has soil with the correct pH and she used a nourishing peat base. I will have to pamper my lemon seeds as well.

The Arizona Cheryl writes: �You may be interested in knowing that as far as citrus fruits are concerned, a friend has had success with the grapefruit. She now has two large grapefruit trees in her house, which she planted as seeds as a young girl.�

Margaret is growing a mysterious succulent with foxglove-like heads. Someone told her this particular plant gets ugly. She is growing it out of curiosity now. Margaret also has very little furniture. I admired her minimalist look, but couldn�t help but notice in her short story that she knows furniture very well. �I like furniture,� she said, �I just don�t want to own it.�

Marlene and I gave up, this week, our working hours and explored antique shops and Chinatown shops. Marlene�s great find was a hand painted bamboo scroll of a Chinese ping pong player. In some of the scrolls he looked handsome, in some evil � very bushy eyebrows!

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