Monday, June 09, 2003

The non-Arizona Cheryl writes: "I was doing my volunteer stint at the wildlife rescue this weekend, and was privileged enough to "meet" a baby raven!"

A few years ago I worked at the Port Moody Station Museum (or the PMS Museum). We had three boys coming in to do "volunteer work." They got to use axes to chop wood, very thrilling for 10-year-olds. One of the boys was a of a loner, but he was very cool. We called him the "Tom Sawyer boy." He came to the museum with a crow on his shoulder. He told us that he was playing hide-and-seek in the woods and this baby crow flew around him and ruined the game for him. The crow adopted the boy. Never left his shoulder. Kind of like a parrot on a pirate. (The crow pooped on the boy's back. I remember it was quite noticeable because the kid wore black shirts all the time.)

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