Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Hmm, just checked my Aztec horoscope: "The person born on this day can look forward to a long and prosperous life in which they will be quite lucky, but beware of a darker and more sinister side to their nature. The goddess of this day signifies an unpredictable fate or an occurrence of an unusual nature. Long life can be looked forward to in most cases but beware of accidents that could be tragic." I will try not to have any accidents. There is also something about a black obsidian butterfly (Itzpapalotl) that "flutters round at night striking terror into the hearts of men." Ah, so that's where my inexplicable interest in black obsidian comes from.

It goes on: "The presiding deity is Chalchihuitlicue, The Lady of the Jewelled Robe, the goddess of Lakes and Rivers, the Lady Precious Jewel, who personifies the beauty of face and young love. People born under this deity's rule will also inherit her unpredictability and some will become liars or scandalmongers, and men in particular might be traitorous and given to the black arts."

Today is a bad day. But the next few days should be a good time to cultivate new friendships and get married. The website wasn't too clear if the latter should be a result of the former.

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