Saturday, August 09, 2003

I decided to eat the weeds. There is the old dandelion wine recipe I clipped out from the paper many years ago. But what I found in my garden were various species of false dandelions. King Devil Hawkweed, Spotted Cat's-Ear, Fall Hawkbit, the Perennial and Annual Sow Thistles, Goat's-Beard (or wild salsify), and Smooth Hawk's-Beard are among the impostors that I cannot distinguish.

I found some sow thistle recipes but alas! they call for Smooth Sow Thistles, which do not appear to grow in my garden. Once I can safely identify the real dandelion and sow thistles, I can even make coffee out of their roots.

Denise gave me a couple of her weeds to identify. However, they were nowhere to be found in my copy of Common Weeds of Canada.

My lawn yielded masses of Tufted Vetch; unfortunately, this plant is toxic.

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