Saturday, August 09, 2003

Tamara, the trapeze artist puppeteer, has a house in Saskatchewan, 45 minutes from Moose Jaw, the city with the subterranean Chinese hideout. She bid $100 for the house. The town held a meeting and decided she would not cart off the heritage house. Nor would the house be condemned. There was a $50 administration fee and Tamara got her house.

On the first night, a friend with psychic powers felt uncomfortable. "The presence is there," he pointed to a jar on a shelf.

Of course, Tamara then remembered that that very jar contained the previous owner's dentures. To appease the ghost of Trevor Davis, Tamara and her friends sat in a circle around the dentures and held a seance. After Tamara acknowledged Trevor, he became an entirely benign spirit.

Later Tamara found hundreds of teabags and coffee filters in the walls. She also uses teabags for art - this was a spiritual connection between the young puppeteer and the old coot!

She still has his dentures and will include them in a new puppet she is constructing. Trevor Davis will not mind; his character, as the stories around town describe, would have appreciated the gesture.

I asked if Trevor Davis died in the house. No, he died in a hospital.

Tamara's town had a plague of grasshoppers last year. Cars lined the sides of the road, overheated as the creatures destroyed radiators without protective grilles.

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