Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Fortune tellers are great. Bekka at the Blackberry Festival excelled in her craft. She looked in my teacup: "The Fish!"

"What? What does the Fish mean?" I asked.

"It is very rare. Very good, too. Someone did a very good job of raising you."

Despite my Gemini airiness, I am more akin to water. I should work near the water; that is where I can enrich myself. The fortune teller thrice suggested a cannery. Or perhaps in a forest. No, near water is better.

I will have one child if I marry once and three children if I marry twice. "Nobody likes to hear that they will divorce, but that is what the cup tells me," said Bekka.

And I have an aura - psychic powers that are greater than her own. That is why I attract animals.

Fifteen minutes with Bekka cost $10.

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