Monday, October 13, 2003

130 km forth and back from Allison's. I spent two hours on the road. Arriving in Abbotsford, seeing signs for the US border on the left and the mountains all around, the travel bug bit me.

I should have given Anisoara (the hamster, not the girl) more food so I wouldn't have to return that night. I could do without a change of clothes. I'll buy what I need when I arrive there. I should just take off in one of those directions and see where I end up.

Allison lives in Copland. All the neighbours belong to some police force. Very safe.

Driving up to her mountain abode, though, all I could think of was, here I am, alone, driving through the woods, no houses for miles, and a bloody figure runs out onto the street screaming for help. Would I stop and pick up the poor soul pursued by some sinister supernatural being? Or would I keep driving, my immorality assigning me to my own encounter with some evil twig witch? It was all the worse on my way home, when it was nearly midnight and pouring.

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