Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Blue sky behind me - don't you envy me! What a great way to make money. I can see a single patch of green where the North Shore mountains should be; otherwise they are covered in mist.

A few days ago Sara and I were talking about Friendster. One of her friends is quite taken with it, even has her pet's profile on it. Luckily I haven't reached that level of crazy pet woman craziness. I only have my hamster's photo there, but tucked in among my other photos. (Mind you I have my hamster profile somewhere else.)

I was also recently accused of using someone to add them as a Friendster. Good heavens! Manipulating people just to be more popular in some online community - what sort of monster would do a thing like that?

Another Friendster observation: I sought out and found a link between friends who don't know each other. Oddly enough it is a small world; I found a common friend of a friend of a friend of both Ruthy and Daniel, who don't know each other or are even aware of each other's existence except through my enjoiing them through Friendster.

Now, if one were to meet, in person, all their friends' friends, one could get to know all of Vancouver. That would be over a million people. And if one were held accountable for their behaviour, after all, you wouldn't want to piss off any of your friends' friends - maybe people would be nicer. That's just what I hope that guy who kicked my car will realize.

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