Monday, October 06, 2003

The hamster is in the scary boiler room. Creepy.

A few weeks ago I pressed the "Decomposing Blonde on a Morgue Slab" link in the Morbid Thought du Jour newsletter. Very clever of the photographer: the last photograph was the corpse's eyes staring straight at you. I began hallucinating that I was seeing her crawling towards me from the scary boiler room.

Last night I looked up the Bangkok Forensic Sciences link.

A few months ago Beth & Hideki were into this corpse-gawking. Beth lost interest first. Then she worried about Hideki; why was he still into it.

At the time I asked where I could go corpse-gawking. I wanted to know if there was some website with all the choice corpses. I never did get an answer out of her and I just skipped off merrily with nary another thought about dead bodies. It is time for me to lose interest in this topic.

On a related note, the recipient of my decomposing blonde terror, responded: "I saw enough decomposing people when I worked for Kodak doing color corrections on the graveyard shift. One of the great joys was getting the rolls from the Detroit city morgue. Color correcting rotting meat is probably one of the weirdest things I had to do since they usually came between rolls of vacations and weddings."

I doubt Niki ever got corpse photos, but I shall ask her.

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