Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I parked far out beside the golf course and across the street from a row of unlit houses. There was my umbrella behind the driver's seat. It would take a whole second to lean down and pick it up. But I was late. I didn't have a second to spare.

After class, at ten PM, I dreaded the long walk to my car, between the dark woods on the right and the abandoned houses on the left. Outside it was worse; not drizzle - large, unmerciful raindrops. I said aloud to myself, "Of course I always remember my umbrella when it doesn't rain."

A girl overheard and suggested she drive me to my car. She wisely parked in the college parkade. I wanted to save that $2 and parked far away.

I am eternally grateful to Olga for saving me from the rain (as well as the miscellaneous monsters lurking in the golf course woods).

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