Thursday, October 09, 2003

I thought I would be clever and trick my optometrist into selling me more contacts without changing my prescription. I announced to the receptionist that I was buying contacts and my eyes were the same and I don�t care if he thinks I need a stronger prescription.

�But,� she said, �You haven�t had a check-up since 1997.�

That�s right, lady, and don�t think you are going to threaten me with a higher prescription! I am not inching toward blindness, thank you very much.

Yet, I didn�t say that. I meekly asked what good the check-up served since my eyes were the same. She and her colleague told me how the doctor would check for all manner of ailments my eyes might have contracted. So I signed up for an eye exam. But then they mentioned it was $65. In 2001 the law changed and eye exams are no longer covered unless one has a prescription of � 8.00. Straight away I refused my eye exam and requested only a refill of my prescription. I explained how unemployed I�ve been. The receptionist felt sorry for me and gave me an extra pair of contacts for free, as well as a bottle of cleaning liquid and a coupon for a $10 refund.

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