Thursday, October 30, 2003

Maktaaq is in a jolly mood tonight!

Tomorrow is Halloween: it's supposed to be a good time for divining identities of future lovers and I am looking up all manner of superstitions in this regard. First, I must verify as to whether or not I will encounter any bonfires tomorrow, before I snip off any more locks of hair. Next I must find my way to a grove of cabbage and uproot one - dirty roots signify a rich husband, which would be a bonus. (After I eat said cabbage I'll know if future husband will be sweet or bitter. Cross your fingers so I'll get a nice cabbage/husband.)

I had no idea what drove me to buy an apple last night but it will come in handy for tomorrow night's husband-predicting again. I must peel the apple in one go. I like challenges. That'll test my mettle. If I succeed, I drop the peel on the ground and see by what initial my future husband's name begins. There's also an Irish something called the Barnbrack Cake, but since I have no access to fruitcakes with coins, rings, and rags imbedded within, I won't be able to know my financial status.

I have ivy in my backyard and one leaf alone can predict my health over the next year. Divination sure is fun!

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