Wednesday, October 08, 2003

This is a great job, too bad I had to turn down this position. Maybe I should be a receptionist for the rest of my life. I just sit here, answer email, chat with the couriers and occasionally talk on the phone. I am in a corner office with a view of the North Shore mountains and the sea. The CEO has only one window facing another office building. I have the ninety degree view. Why did I bother with a university education?

There are some interesting characters in this office. Mr. B., the head honcho, insists on formalities, like prefixing surnames with "Mr." or "Mrs." When we send mail outside of Vancouver, he uses only airmail envelopes to awake mail employees out of their stupour and to remind them that his letters should travel by air.

Liz, one of the secretaries, covers for me during my one-hour lunch. Once, when I reminded her I was off to lunch, she got mad and fussed that she is going deaf and shouldn't be answering phones. However, she has needle-sharp ears when she hears anyone in my corner office. Seconds after one of the adjusters talked to me, she rushed over to see what he wanted. Another time, a courier came in and she phoned me to see if that was indeed who she thought it was.

Then there are the grumps. I managed to make Diana smile a little today but I think Phyllis is permanently stuck on lemon-sucking expression. Once Anita, the Croatian secretary, whispered that Phyllis is a weird one. Ah ha, suspicions confirmed!

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