Thursday, November 06, 2003

Allison convinced me to buy a magazine so we can trade with each other. I promised myself no impulse buys, to save money for Chicago, but I was powerless to stop myself from reaching over and grabbing that issue of Cosmpolitan. $5! Perhaps $3.50 USD! The things I could have done with that $3.50! I could probably get half an admission ticket to something in Chicago.

And instead of spending my time wisely tonight, I read about threesomes and new hair products.


That'll be my last impulse buy for a while. From now on, anything I want to buy I will write down and give myself a one-week consideration period. If I still need it at the end of the week, then I can safely allow myself to buy it.

This weekend more troubling money-spending activities loom on the horizon. But they have therapeutic value and I can't deny myself that. There I've justified the cocktails awaiting me.

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