Saturday, November 01, 2003

I applied for the machine shop/drainage business museum job after all. Joanne left an impassioned message on my cell phone as well as an email, urging me to send in my resume. Midnight was the deadline. I grabbed my copy of Cover Letters that Knock 'Em Dead, using the sentences that sounded least artificial. The museum fax didn't work - minutes wasted on the fax cover letter! I struggled to adjust my cover letter and resume into the confines of an email (no attachments allowed) and sent it off.

On another museum note, I phoned Jim at the PMS Museum and he would be happy if I returned to do volunteer work. Someone needs to transcribe the oral history interviews, document the photo database and write descriptions of the items in the collections basement.

In yesterday's newspaper they quoted him as saying definitively that there are no ghosts in the PMS Museum, yet there is one in a steel building nearby, a 1940s ghost.

The museum is also selling its corn stalks (spelled stocks on their sign) from the heritage garden that appeared after I left.

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