Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I finished reading Where Were You, Robert? by Hans Magnus Enzensberger last night. I must say I agree that Robert is rather flat - I thought all the characters failed to come alive - but that's because Enzensberger is a poet. Poets just can't write fiction. They like abstract ideas better than people.

Yet I think it's a problem with all characters in all contemporary novels by writers who are poets or not. Is it just because we don't pay anymore attention to nuances? What is it - people are evaluated within thirty seconds?

Aside from that it was a fun novel. Funner than some other things I've been struggling through. I even read it on my lunch break at work.

It really got going when he reached the seventeenth century: the small pox woman (when did she run off?); the poor maidens who were raped by Robert's band of thieves, the mill unscathed in war, the beheading of the Bohemian...

I wish there were more adventures of this sort, or maybe more books about lazy, good-for-nothing twenty-first century teenagers being flung into pre-modern wars. Maybe from a female point of view. Now there would be struggles! Ha! Try finding employment in the German court then, girlie!

But sending a girl back in time would be too difficult to write about. It doesn't seem to matter where or when a woman is born, it's all the same. And who wants to read about yet another dreary girl born only to be raped? OK, I am a little bitter because I just started reading Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven. But we are only a short step away from what transpires in that book.

Beth reminded me that I knew a Mormon. And she was a bitch.


Check out the Amazon review for Where Were You, Robert? I love the Korean review so much:

Maybe I read this book more than 10 times. I can not say I was boring about this book. A boy named, Robert went to many Worlds. But there are not originalitical World. There are past world. He went to cold laundry in the Rushia, Austrailia, etc. And he met many troubles, sad, exiting things!

Probably all the student, who likes to imagination will love this book. If you are their parents, try to gift them this book. Maybe you are not go to repent to buy this book. Also this book is very good for their parents, and you can think about, what your son and daughter's thought is.

Exactly, this is for adult. There is any bad words, or bad things. So, I thought 10-15years old can read, and if you read this book(If you are their parents or family), then you will 99% exhortation to others.

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