Sunday, November 16, 2003

Karen and I were talking this morning about how television and movies provide a more preferable reality than reality. I mentioned this article and Karen asked if, in my experience, I found this to be true.

What I have noticed is the euphemisms certain men use to identify a woman who will sleep with them immediately. They are:

1. Fun: fun and loose are interchangeable.

2. Assertive: she will ask for what she wants and that is usually to provide what the fellow wants.

3. Down to earth: she has no hang-ups about sex. Kind of like job classifieds in Russia, where employers specify they want a secretary with no "mental incapacities."

This leads me to the subject of filter questions women can use to identify a man who will provide them with attention and affection - in whatever form they seek it. So far I have only two, culled from evidence of an emerging pattern (and I do apologize to at least one of my readers who would answer "aye" to at least one of these questions, though I know he is still alright):

1. Did you ever take philosophy in university? Anybody answering in the affirmative to this question is undoubtably a hedonist and cares only about themselves.

2. Do you like cats? A cat lover is usually lazy. I can hear the knives sharpening already.

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