Friday, November 21, 2003

A long time ago...I saw:

Little Otik (Otes�nek)
I almost listed this as one of my all-time favourite movies. But I don't know if it could withstand repeat viewings, or if I would drag friends to see it, as I did with Delicatessan, My Life as a Dog (a fundamentalist Christian friend in high school bemoaned that this was a sick movie) and the Japanese Ring (Niki watched it with Chinese subtitles in Taipei while I whispered my simultaneous interpretation of the entire movie). Most of the movie I felt like slapping Bozena into reality, though I did like Karel's last line ("Son..."). Also, the first of the Czech hair incidents appeared in this movie. I never realized that eating or merely chewing on one's hair can have such dire consequences (see The Sandman). Obviously Little Otik had no idea.

Down to the Cellar (Do pivnice/Do sklepa)
My eternal nightmare - I write this while peering behind me for rogue potatoes and morgue blondes). I joked about the potatoes with a coworker who didn't get it.

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Valerie a tyden divu)
The man sitting behind me snorted at key points during the movie. I laughed too, as did everyone else in the audience, when Valerie announces that it's the first time she's had a girlfriend and when the lewd priest dances around. I rather lost track of what happened; I just remember her thick head of hair. This girl had no visible scalp.

The Fall of the House of Usher (Z�nik domu Usheru)
In English, with no living beings except trees visible. A blockish castle in the mist. A coffin moving about of its own will. A hammer handle disintegrating on screen. This is on my small list of favourite movies.

The Raven (Havran)
Uh huh.

I volunteered that night. The manager asked if I want to watch the movie and I rushed in. I missed the initial 7 minutes of Little Cousins, but I was in time for all of Morgiana. Everyone in this movie had very thick heads of hair. Again, where is their scalp skin? I am making a point of observing the density of head hair and I have not seen one person yet who resembles Czech actresses in hairiness. As well, there was a wig scene at the end.

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