Wednesday, November 26, 2003

The Port Moody Library book sale counter tonight yielded the following:

1. Charlie Morgan's Be Your Own Boss - Retire at Home with Profitable Earth Worm Farming (who in their right minds would not want this book gracing their bookshelves??)

2. Teachings of the Tides: Uses of Marine Invertebrates by the Manhousat People (First Nations mythology about seawater animals as well as how to eat them)

3. Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman

4. A Passage to India

5. Hemingway's The Garden of Eden

6. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

7. Kit Pearson's The Daring Game (Kit Pearson was my librarian in Grade Five: I would have forgotten her had she not told us on her last day that she quit her job - this book had just been published. For seventeen years I meant to read this book.)

8. Tales for the Midnight Hour (I opened this book to see if perchance The Furry Collar was there - it was! I looked down the list of contents and there was The Gooney Birds. This was one of my childhood books! All these years I never forgot about the furry collar - for twenty years I have often thought about what I would have done as the narrator of that story - I can't tell you more, for it will give away the ending. Instead I'll have to read it to you next Halloween.)

I also got three magazines, the gem of the three being Bark: Dog is My Co-Pilot. With articles such as "Inside the Canine Mind," "Dog Rescue Here and Abroad," and "Rex in the City" how can I resist?

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