Friday, November 21, 2003

Sunday night I redeemed the ticket I earned through my labour for the Rogue Folk Club. I chose the Barachois concert. All I knew was that there would be fiddle music and comedy. Most importantly I knew where the theatre was.

Louise Arsenault's feet galloped like a pony heading off into Indian country (scroll down, she is the third face). I also noticed that Chuck Arsenault was handsome (scroll down to the last profile).

Before intermission ended, I returned to my seat. The musicians were talking to their fans. I didn't know anyone there so I slipped behind their backs. But the handsome one turned around to say "hi." Very friendly, I thought.

I sat down between the large lady overflowing her seat and the typical bearded folk music fan. The handsome one kept looking up at us. But I like to think it was me that caught his eye, not Large Lady or Beard Boy. Nevertheless I smiled at him again and he smiled back.

The musicians returned to backstage, except for a pair of eyes peering from the edge of the room, looking in the direction of Beard Boy and Large Lady.

At the end of the concert, the other three musicians went backstage leaving only the pair of eyes looking into the audience.

The musicians offered to autograph CDs. I waited in line for each of the band members. When I got to Chuck, he paused after signing his first name and looked perplexed. "Are you from here?"

"Yes." I replied in the mechanical voice I reserve for good-looking men I like.

He returned my CD to me. I began to walk towards the other musicians but he took my arm and gave it a squeeze.

Out of his hearing distance I regained my composure and regaled the other band members with an introduction to the Penguin Duck umbrella.

I hereby pronounce my groupie career as finished.

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