Monday, November 03, 2003

This morning the temp agency phoned me with a filing job for a government organization across a bridge. A one-month position.

I knew not too rejoice too fast. Each time the agency refers me to a good position, they call me after an hour to tell me they decided to use someone else.

An hour later the agency called me back with the details. Still I knew nothing was set and I should wait until tomorrow morning to rejoice my new income. Once I was already working, the agency refuses to remove me from that position as it would disrupt continuity.

Another hour passed and I got a third phonecall.

"How did you like working for the X company?"

"It was nice."

"OK, we don't know how strong you are for their position but I'll call them and see if you qualify for an administrative assistant posting."

And I haven't heard from the temp agency since.

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