Monday, November 03, 2003

When I was thirteen someone lent me a Gameboy with only one game, Tetris. I had it for two weeks.

Everyone in my family, parents included, developed a troubling addiction. Whenever one of us managed to filch the Gameboy, that person would disappear for hours. I believe bathrooms, with their invariably locking doors, were the ideal hangout.

Today I am battling my addiction to Mahjong. I have this sample from Microsoft and it is just so fun matching tiles and it even has a professional development angle: I can practice reading Chinese characters. It does trouble me that the only characters I am practicing are the ones I learned as a child and are about as hard to forget as A, B and C.

The great thing about a game as simple as this is that I can multitask. For example, I can listen and rate songs on Launch while I play. I discovered a new Yemeni singer I like and I can listen to mindless trance all day. My main goal is now to beat my all-time high score in Mahjong: 137,670 points.

Luckily I have only two more sessions to play on this Microsoft version and then I will be free of my addiction.

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