Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Foiled again!

I thought I finally had a chance to relax the young people's way. Non-Arizona Cheryl offered her living room floor for the night so I didn't have the long drive to Porn Movie (Port Moody in Japanese). Then we got a taxi voucher from the party to her house. Then the drinks were free. But of course they were quite watery. Despite this setback in my plans for an evening of alcoholism, I still managed to stagger about and collapse at the end of the night.

Tonight is not a water night for me. I looked around the dusty bottles and found the ingredients for a Black Russian. I pressed the button that forces out ice from the fridge. A buzzing noise but no ice. I peered from below into the ice-hole. A shard of ice popped out. I put my glass back under the hole - suddenly a flood of ice exploded into the kitchen.

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