Thursday, December 04, 2003

In another dollar store I saw a box of calendars. There were horse, teddy bear, puppy, kitten and inspirational calendars. I looked at all the photos. Then I saw a North American wildlife calendar. The pictures were of an elk, a grizzly, a polar bear, a bald eagle, and, for June, a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


I already have three calendars for 2004.

I bought one for 99 cents at Value Village because Allison and the shop lady assured me the coupons inside would prove very valuable. The pictures are of people in Value Village clothes with prices and exclamation marks. Everything looks so clean. No lint on the t-shirts!

A wildlife organization sent me a promotional calendar with a plea for payment. This calendar is innocuous enough to grace my cubicle next January.

The third calendar is from a car insurance company. The whole time I was talking to the representative serving me my eyes were on the stack of vintage car calendars. Before leaving I asked if I may take one.

I can keep one calendar at home, but what will I do with the third? Carry it around like an organizer? Use it in my car for jotting down things during cell phone conversations at red lights? I have issued a moratorium on calendar-obtaining for this year. Unless it's a 2005, I don't want it.

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